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Products by STIHL Group

  • Cordless Power System

  • STIHL - Model HSA 66 - Handy Cordless Hedge Trimmer

    STIHL - Model HSA 66 - Handy Cordless Hedge Trimmer

    With reduced weight and an improved EC-motor, the HSA 66 is quiet, light, has increased cutting performance and maintains a constant stroke rate even during tough jobs. The wide tooth spacing and new droplet-shaped cutter geometry holds twigs more effectively in the teeth for a powerful cut. Machine life is also improved with a wear protective film under the cutting bar and new tip protector. The cutter blade has single-edged teeth.

  • Hedge Trimmers, Long-Reach Hedge Trimmers and Pole Pruners

Products by Bauman Manufacturing

  • Sanders / Salters

  • Model 220 - Manual Push Sander

    Model 220 - Manual Push Sander

    The 220 Push sander is light weight and easy to maneuver. Ultilizing 12 gauge steel and a durable powder coat finish, the 220 model is built to last.

  • Stabling

  • Suspended Free Stalls

    Suspended Free Stalls

    All stalls come with a 3/8' plate for mounting stalls, welded on the end of the tube. Stalls are hot dipped galvanized after fabricating.

  • Suspended Divide Tie Stalls

    Suspended Divide Tie Stalls

    Various divider lengths. Galvanized construction. Adjustable headrail support arm. Optional milk line bracket available

  • Conveyors / Elevators

  • Ebersol - Ice Conveyors

    Ebersol - Ice Conveyors

    Easily add ice, fibres and powdered additives to concrete. Readily portable; choice of either a clevis or pintle hitch. The standard undercarriage can be towed at highway speed. High Capacity Ice Conveyor with Cleated Belt to Load Trucks Quickly. Electric or Hydraulic Available with Gas Engine

  • Ebersol - Bale Elevator

    Ebersol - Bale Elevator

    Handling a wide variety of product including bales, grain, corn cobs & ensilage etc. is made easier with this model.  The top drive pulls the load rather than pushing it.  The standard heavy duty undercarriage allows easier transportation and height adjustment. Top Drive Pulls Load Rather than Pushing it. Heavy Duty Undercarriage Allows for Easy Transportation

  • Maple - Leaf Bale Elevator

    Maple - Leaf Bale Elevator

    Ideal for Agricultural/Commercial application it is light enough for easy handling while being durable, built to last. Economical Bale Mover Optional. Lightweight and Easily Transporte

  • Other Products

  • Model 5710 & 5910 - Hay Fluffer Tedder

    Model 5710 & 5910 - Hay Fluffer Tedder

    The Bauman Hay Fluffer Tedder is designed to gently lift and release hay with minimum leaf damage. The Fluffer Tedder gives you better control over how your hay dries, no matter how you put it in, and allows air to move through your hay for faster drying time so the cure is uniform.