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  • Asa Laser - Model KS - Subsoil Plow

    Asa Laser - Model KS - Subsoil Plow

    The Asa Laser KS is a subsoiler with a coupled seed box. Thus, besides loosening the soil, it sows small seeds during a single operation. The biggest benefit of the Asa Laser KS is that it prevents re-consolidation of the soil. As such, plants have greater opportunity to expand their root systems in softer soil, quickly occupying the whole volume of the profile, before natural re-consolidation sets in. Re-consolidation is common in soils that do not...

  • Gladiador - Model 2300 - Sprayers

    Gladiador - Model 2300 - Sprayers

    The Gladiador 2300 Self-propelled Sprayer presents expressive work autonomy, allowing for up to 480 hectares/day to be sprayed with excellent performance on the most varied types of terrains and reliefs, maintaining application stability. It has a 4-cylinder, 153 HP, MWM turbo aftercooler engine, in addition to constant 4x4 hydrostatic transmission on the four wheels. It is equipped with a drive pump with an exclusive pressure adjustment system that,...