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  • Corn Header

    Corn Header

    Specifications as result of a strict co-operation between customers and staff.  Developed upon an exchange of real experiences. Excellent quality of harvesting with no stalks uploads. Unbeatable speed and terrific chopping.

  • Folding Grain Headers

    Folding Grain Headers

    A machine where technique and complexity are often confused by manufacturers. The solution offered by StarK : reliability through simplicity.

  • Sunflower Headers

    Sunflower Headers

    Extend your grain header life with the Stark sunflower header. Purposely designed for harvesting sunflower even in severe conditions, including flat plants. Harvest only the head and crush the rest. Less stress to your combine. Height of Chopper is hydraulically adjustable. Leave a clean field in one go.

  • Tidue Rubber Tracks

    Tidue Rubber Tracks

    Universal Rubber Tracks suitable for : Going through where no other devices can, Protecting your soils, Turning 100% power into adherence strength. Universal, for all labors. Harvesting, sowing, civil maintenance, forest maintenance…  Universal, for all machines. Suitable for attachment to all kinds agricultural equipment such as Combines, silage machines, Tractors, truck-trailers, cold frames carriers… The only soft-type Rubber...