Startec S.r.l.

Startec S.r.l.

Startec kits and products, thanks to years of expertise of its personnel, are remarkably manufactured, designed with care and higly compatible with many typs of agricultural machines. Startec has been working for many years in agricultural machinery`s accessories field and it is known all over the world for its reliability and technical knw-how. Startec offers a wide variety of Rain consoles for irrigation, Microfert kits for distribution of microgranular products and Ecofert kits for the localization of liquid fertilizer or Starsol kit for the spraying and treatment with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and other liquid products

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Viale Stazione 26 , fraz. Marignana , 33079 Italy

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Globally (various continents)

Startec is a company leader in production of accessories for agricultural machines for  localizaton of both liquid and microgranular prodoucts and irrigation reels management.

Moreover, Startec’s after-sales service offer technical assistance to follow the customer in order to solve whatever difficulty. It is by offering high quality products and granting very competent technical assistance that Startec answers requests of the customers.

The high quality of Startec products derives from several years of expertise in the agricultural machinery field and from strong commitment to innovate, but also is due to the attention in satisfying customers’ needs and the accuracy in projecting and realizing details.

For this reason Startec manufactures products simply to use but with high automation level, widely polyvalent and highly compatible, more than efficient, resistant and highly reliable.