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  • SeaCulture - Software - Mercatus

    Supporting from the smallest to the biggest fish farming operations in the world - our solutions have for many years proven to be scalable and resilient. A unique portfolio of tightly integrated applications, supporting the full production cycle - from eggs to harvest. Feeding and environmental data from Steinsvik’s feeding, camera and sensor systems, combined with biological registrations and fish health in our Mercatus portfolio, gives you production control, extensive and detailed t

  • Mercatus Future - Biological Planning Software

    Mercatus Future - Biological Planning Software

    Future provides up to date biological information across sites, and is a sophisticated planning tool used to predict and simulate future biological scenarios. Simulated and real/historical data can be used in combination to empower you to make the right decision every time. Future is configured with a tailor-made growth model, including factors such as temperature profiles, growth speed, FCR profiles, mortality, feed types, transfers, harvesting, and...

  • Mercatus Finance - Analytical Reporting Platform

    Mercatus Finance - Analytical Reporting Platform

    Finance helps you keep track of production costs and inventory values during the life cycle of the fish. It also calculates the value of the fish based on customer-defined guidelines. The system also provides financial budgets and prognoses, including the development of the value of the fish and production costs per kg over time. The solution has ready-made interfaces linked to various ERP systems and Mercatus production and slaughter planning....

  • Mercatus Vet - Fish Health Operations Softwre

    Mercatus Vet - Fish Health Operations Softwre

    Vet is a tool for fish health operations used for registration, reporting and archiving any type of fish health tasks in aquaculture. All information is stored in one place, including visitation reports, prescriptions, vaccination orders, lab reports and a number of other elements. The system can be used for independent fish health services or as an add-on to Farmer for companies with an internal veterinary function.