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  • Advisory Services

    Advisory Services

    Your Stewart-Peterson Group Inc. advisor integrates cash, futures and options and can transact your futures and options orders. We assist clients with varying needs and levels of experience in commodity price risk management. Your advisor is here to help you succeed, and success begins with honesty and professionalism. Our team has a deep understanding of commodtiy markets and what it takes to manage through market uncertainty. We listen to you and...

  • Workshops Services

    Workshops Services

    Gain confidence in your ability to manage commodity price opportunities and risks. The first step in managing price risk is to either hire an expert or become one. Before ever dipping a toe in the water on your own, there is much to learn about commodtiy price management. For instance, it's crucial to have strong knowledge or price risk management tools and strategies. Consider joining a Stewart-Peterson Group workshop, where one of our advisors can...