Founded by Jerry Stoller, the company’s current president and CEO, with the objective of developing innovative solutions to increase the productivity of plants. Jerry is recognized internationally as a leading authority on plant development and nutrition, and has played a significant role in Stoller’s growth over the years. Based in Houston, Texas, the Stoller Group now includes 14 wholly owned subsidiaries with more than 600 employees in more than 50 countries around the world. The value of Stoller’s products can be found in our expertise and understanding of the plant hormone balance, how it relates to the growth stages of crops and the impact hormonal activity has on plant development and performance. Only Stoller products contain our proprietary technology, which is proven to ensure optimum plant growth so you can get the most out of every acre — no matter what conditions or challenges you face during the season.

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

International Presence

Since expanding sales beyond North America in 1972, Stoller has continued to develop its global footprint and product portfolio based on growth potential, crop challenges and appropriate partnering opportunities. Today, more than two-thirds of Stoller’s business can be attributed to international sales.

Whether it’s a farm in the Midwest, Asia or South America, growers are continually faced with unique growing challenges — extreme temperatures, drought conditions, infertility, salty or sandy soils and more. Stoller experts view these conditions as opportunities for continued innovation and the advancement of Stoller technology. It’s this mentality that has allowed us to become the leading provider of yield-enhancing solutions for both localized and global crop production challenges.

StollerUSA’s mission is to unleash the power of plants through greater understanding of plant hormones. Through dedicated research and innovative approaches; Stoller is committed to developing products that can positively impact plants during growth stages for ideal plant health and productivity. Thereby providing farmers and growers tools by which they can maximize crop yields in a cost-effective manner. Producing easy-to apply, natural products that will enhance the world’s food supply overall.