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  • Irrigation Systems

    Irrigation Systems

    A qualified crop growth requires the right composition of water. Stolze B.V. itself designs and assembles the water technical installations, thus we can offer you 
a well-thought out solution for each different crop of yours.

  • Model S-Fog - High Pressure Fog

    Model S-Fog - High Pressure Fog

    How the high pressure fog operates: Our S-FOG system’s working pressure is between 70 and 120 bar. This enormous pressure creates, in combination with special stainless steel nozzles that produce 2-5 micron droplets, the very finest fog. The most important advantage is that the minute droplets evaporate very quickly without falling onto the crops.

  • Automation System

    Automation System

    As no other, Stolze B.V. is aware of the fact that the electrical installation is the pivot of your automation system. We produce all kinds of switch panels, integrated PLC techniques and electronic operation systems, so that we can always offer a suitable solution. Stolze B.V. is a main dealer of PRIVA-computer systems. You are at the right address for the maintenance as well as the changes you like in your installation.