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  • Cultivator

  • Model RFF - Front Cultivator

    Model RFF - Front Cultivator

    This cultivator has been specially designed for use in the front of the tractor to allow full-field cultivation and planting/sowing in a single pass. This saves both labour hours and fuel. Options include linkage elements for attachment to the rear of the tractor.

  • Model RF DUO - Cultivator

    Model RF DUO - Cultivator

    The Struik duo cultivator is a full-field row cultivator that can be used in combination with a planter to perform planting bed preparation and planting in small, formed ridges in a single working pass. After planting, the machine can be converted to a row cultivator. Standard equipment on the RF DUO includes cemented carbide tines, V-shaped crumbling roller at the front of the cultivator and removable three-point linkage for rear attachment.

  • Model RF  - Rigid-Tine Rotary Cultivator

    Model RF - Rigid-Tine Rotary Cultivator

    The StruikRFrigid-tine rotary cultivator can be used as either a full-field or row cultivator. The full-field configuration is prefect for planting bed preparation for potatoes. It is also suitable for ridging soil for carrots, endive, chicory or flower bulbs and for preparing beds in which other crops can be planted or sowed. As a row cultivator, theRFis the ideal machine for creating perfect rounded or flat ridges with a large volume. The stainless...

  • Model ZF  - Row Cultivator

    Model ZF - Row Cultivator

    The Struik ZF row cultivator is a highly versatile machine that is used worldwide for all sorts of different crops. Each of the rotary cultivator units is driven independently, from the top, so there is free space for plants to extend upwards, between the units. TheZFis a modular system and can be built in any configuration, from 3 to 12 rows, regardless of the row spacing. This makes theZFa very versatile machine. The cultivator elements are fitted...

  • Model RF  - Rigid Tine Full Field Cultivator

    Model RF - Rigid Tine Full Field Cultivator

    The Struik RFrigid-tine full-field cultivator can be used as either a full-field or row cultivator. The full-field configuration is prefect for planting bed preparation for potatoes. By equipping the full-field cultivator with a crumbling roller with spindle adjustment, a flat, smooth sowing bed is obtained. As a leading specialist manufacturer of cultivation equipment, Struik builds cultivators in many different sizes. TypeRF full-field is available...

  • Model CB  - Combination Cultivator

    Model CB - Combination Cultivator

    The StruikCBcultivator (for combination usage) is a specially designed full-field cultivator which, when used in combination with a planting machine and a ridging hood, can perform planting bed preparation, planting and ridging in a single pass.

  • Specials Machines

  • Foldable Machines

    Foldable Machines

    Struik specials are machines we can produce that are not in the standard assortment. We are able to build machines specifically tailored to meet the customer‘s requirements, so the work can be performed exactly as desired. With our wealth of technical knowledge we can even build extremely large machines that are foldable for transport over public roads.

  • Ridge Formers

  • Model WR - Ridge Former

    Model WR - Ridge Former

    The StruikWRridge former, also called a ridging plough, is an ideal tool for ridging light to medium density soil, with or without stones. The ridge former can be delivered with a fixed ridger or as a fixed ridger with Vibro Flex tines.

  • Haulm Toppers

  • Haulm  - Model LKFA  - Topper

    Haulm - Model LKFA - Topper

    This machine was specially developed for haulm killing of seed crops, such as potatoes, to prevent viral infections. The StruikLKFAhaulm topper is equipped standard with a three-point linkage, allowing the machine to be attached to either the front or rear of the tractor. As a result of the shape of the frame and the specially shaped hardened flails, which follow the contours of the ridges, the haulm topper generates extra suction force which results...

  • Haulm  - Model FLKB  - Topper

    Haulm - Model FLKB - Topper

    The FLKBfront-mounted haulm topper works identically to our LKFA but is equipped with a conveyor discharge. An advantage of using a haulm topper is that it makes the harvesting process much easier and increases the harvesting capacity. Haulm topping has therefore become an essential part of the potato growing process. As a direct result, the potatoes are of better quality and have a longer shelf life. The haulm toppers with belt discharge are...