Struik Wieringermeer B.V./Export B.V. celebrated its 75th jubilee. Reaching this important milestone was a crowning achievement in an undertaking that has become a family tradition. Knowledge has been passed from generation to generation and continuously built upon to create the company Struik is today. Over the course of more than 80 years Struik has become a specialist in the field of cultivation and introduced many new innovative products. What once began as a forging company has grown to become a modern factory producing advanced machinery, day in and day out, that finds its way to users in more than 76 countries. Struik also gained more name recognition worldwide.

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Schelphorst 67 , Wieringerwerf , 1771 SM Netherlands

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

How it began

In 1934 Hendrik Struik opened a forge in the recently drained Wieringermeer polder in the town of Slootdorp. With the increasing importance of agricultural activities in the region, the Struik forge developed into a company specializing in agricultural mechanization.

Towards the end of the 1950s the first machine developed by Struik was put on the market: the crumbling roller. This was also the period when Hendrik Struik‘s two sons, Gerrit and Adri, joined the company. Struik became a dealer for Massey Ferguson tractors and sold more than a dozen per year.

The new ridging system

During the 1960s Struik developed their first element cultivator, the successor to the crumbling roller. It was an enormous success.

The 1970s saw the development of a range of machines of the company‘s own design, such as the rigid-tine rotary cultivator. In 1979 Struik was first to develop a new ridging system for the cultivation of potatoes and was granted a patent for its design. It was also in that period that the company first participated in the major Dutch agricultural trade fairs. With the company‘s no-nonsense mentality, quality and customer-centric approach the Struik name gained ever more prominence in the agricultural world.

As demand for Struik products rocketed during the 1980s, the decision was taken to consolidate the two branches under one roof. In 1985 they moved into a new building. Struik became a modern factory for agricultural machines.

The new generation

In 1993 the management was passed on to the third generation of the Struik family. Adri‘s sons Harry and Wichard and the Gerrit‘s son Herman took over the company. Successes were achieved with the haulm topper, which during the national haulm topping demonstration proved to have the best flailing system. Struik also gained more name recognition worldwide. During the 1990s the focus shifted more towards export, resulting in the sale of Struik products in more than 76 countries, spread across the continents.

Since the 1990s Struik has grown to become a company whose name and products enjoy global recognition, and in some countries it even leads the market for cultivation machines.

Struik – your cultivation partner

Through the continuous technical development of the existing machines and the market introduction of new machines such as theStruikWeedFix, theCultimacand theCulticlean, Struik is continuously able to meet the demands from the market.

Working closely with dealers and end users, Struik continuously implements modifications, improvements and innovations, ensuring that Struik products continue to live up to their reputation for high quality.

The company philosophy is not based on quick sales but rather the establishment of solid, long-term customer relationships and delivering what is promised!

Because the processes are geared towards building custom-made machines, it is possible to meet customer-specific wishes and build to specific dimensions. The “original” Struik crumbling roller has evolved into a machine that is available in widths of 1.65 to 8 metres!

Expansion of the production facility to its current 6000 m2 and development of a highly efficient production line has enabled Struik to provide very short turnaround times. Use of an ultramodern spray booth means it now takes just four hours from the time a machine enters the booth until the paint is dry.

Struik – your cultivation partner

Because we have a close relationship with our customers we are able to build machines meeting each customer‘s specific wishes, ranging widely in size and features.
We are also proud to say we collaborate with HOAF Infrared Technology and Miedema Farm Machinery, which enables us to better meet the wishes and requirements of the professional agricultural contractor and the modern farmer.