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  • Model VT-1 - Towerlight

    Model VT-1 - Towerlight

    The VT-1 is very quiet and ideally suited for use at outdoor events, yet burly enough to stand up to the harshness of modern construction sites. The transportation of the VT-1 is cost effective and its unique design means that a transport firm can deliver up to twelve sets on one standard 12m vehicle.

  • Generators

  • Generator Dorman / Puma 6LE2.

    Generator Dorman / Puma 6LE2.

    Dorman / Puma 6LE2 generator. 88kVA - 71kW. Once bought for a project however not required, viewing is welcome. Self mounted MCB and loose silencer. This generators approximate measurements are Length - 4000mm, Width - 1000mm, Height - 2000mm.