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  • Acxcess - Super Spreading Agent

    Acxcess - Super Spreading Agent

    Super spreading agent for perfect wetting in crop protection. Super spreading for fungicides, insecticides, foliar feed and growth regulators in all crops! Active substance: Polyether-polymethyltrisiloxane-copolymer

  • BOSTAT  - Soil-Active Herbicides

    BOSTAT - Soil-Active Herbicides

    BOSTAT fixes the herbicide film. BOSTAT is the adjuvant for soil-active herbicides. It contains non-ionic surfactant complexes, adhesive additives, emulsifiers, and an oil component that facilitates the targeted deposition of the active substance on the soil colloids. An additional anti-drift polymer ensures that the high-drift fraction of fine droplets is minimised and very uniform medium-sized droplets are formed....

  • SCHAUMEXX - Foam Blocker

    SCHAUMEXX - Foam Blocker

    SCHAUMEXX foam blocker is used for the preparation of crop protection spray liquids. The required quantity depends on the intensity of foam formation in the respective spray liquid. A quantity of 1 – 3 ml / 100 l can be used as a reference. SCHAUMEXX is best added to the water when the spray tank is filled for the first time. Already existing foam can also be immediately eliminated with a squirt of SCHAUMEXX, allowing the spray tank to be filled...

  • SULPRO - Surface Herbicide Active Contains

    SULPRO - Surface Herbicide Active Contains

    SULPRO is a herbicide additive for post-emergence treatment. Under difficult application conditions, such as low humidity, hot and dry weather or weeds with thick waxy layers, SULPRO ensures reliable control success. SULPRO contains surface-active components that lower the evaporation rate of the spray solution and simultaneously promote the formation of a very uniform spray film on the leaf...

  • PHFIX - Model 5 - Active Substances

    PHFIX - Model 5 - Active Substances

    Most active substances react positively to a lowering of the pH in the spray water to pH 5 and the elimination of hardeners. PHFIX5 lowers and buffers the pH value of the spray water. PHFIX5 colours the spray solution pink as soon as an optimal pH value of 4,5 – 5,5 is reached. With the addition of PHFIX5 into the spray solution, a pH measuring device, litmus paper or rough estimation are no longer required. The utilisation of PHFIX5 neutralises...

  • Model MYKO-TOP - Fungicide Protector

    Model MYKO-TOP - Fungicide Protector

    MYKO-TOP promotes the efficacy of fungicides against ear diseases in cereals and leaf diseases in potato and sugarbeet. MYKO-TOP stabilises the fungicide protection especially against mycotoxin formation when treating the ears in cereals. MYKO-TOP is an adhesive and wetting agent with anti-drift and evaporation protection components. It prevents the fungicide film from being washed off by rain and protects it against premature UV degradation. The...

  • NU-PHOS - Model 38  - Bio Stimulator

    NU-PHOS - Model 38 - Bio Stimulator

    NU-PHOS 38 is a completely water soluble foliar fertiliser suspension based on ammonium and potassium phosphite. NU-PHOS 38 activates the nutrient acquisition capacity and promotes the formation of the plant’s own defence system. NU-PHOS 38 is rapidly absorbed by the leaves and systemically distributed throughout the plant. Phosphite itself cannot be used by the plant as a source of P,...

  • STARTER  - Model PLUS+ - Liquid Seed Dressing

    STARTER - Model PLUS+ - Liquid Seed Dressing

    STARTER PLUS+ ensures an optimal growth start and higher yields through the deposition of added start nutrients onto the seed. STARTER PLUS+ contains P in the form of readily available phosphonate, which acts as a bio-stimulator for optimal root development. The seed treatment ensures very efficient nutrient supply in the initial phase of crop development up to 60 days after germination. The crops are less...

  • VULKANO  - Micronutrient Fertiliser

    VULKANO - Micronutrient Fertiliser

    Rapidly available micronutrient fertiliser with pyroglutamic acid. VULKANO for high photosynthetic capacity at all growth stages – keeps metabolic processes in the optimal range and reduces abiotic stress – for significant yield increases!