Suncue has been established since 1966 and is the leader of the advanced circulating grain dryer system, We enjoy over 80% of market share in Taiwan. Suncue is ISO 9001 ,2000, SGS certificated and acquired many awards for the products we manufacture.With more than 40 years of dedication to grain drying technology, Suncue circulating grain dryer is reputable for improving grain quality, profits and saving drying costs by low broken rate of grains and increasing milling rate. To meet the Biomass era and to provide farmers with the lowest drying cost, Suncue has the most innovative technology in Husk Furnace, which is with full automatic systems and have been patented in order to produce the high quality of grains such as Paddy, Maize, Wheat, Coffee, Beans and high germination of seeds. Furthermore, we now have bulk capacity drying complex available with 170 tons/ batch, and one husk furnace(SB-130) can attach 5 units of 34-ton dryer. Thus, 170 tons/batch drying capacity can be reached.

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