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  • Model 2510 / 2530 - Chisel

    Model 2510 / 2530 - Chisel

    There's no better way to improve water and nutrient infiltration than to break up the hardpan. To accomplish this, the 2500 Series features a heavy-duty 4” x 4” tubular welded frame, walking tandems and gauge wheels on every full wing frame. These components combine to keep the chisel points at depth no matter how rolling the terrain. Chose the shank to match the task: the 650-pound conventional flat shanks with extension springs will...

  • Primary Tillage Tools

  • Model 4213 / 4233 - Primary Tillage Tool

    Model 4213 / 4233 - Primary Tillage Tool

    Eliminate Soil Compaction While Managing Crop Residue. Soil compaction is a thief; robbing you of yields by denying your crop of nutrients and moisture. The 4200 Series from Sunflower is the answer. This coulter chisel can completely fracture hardpans and eliminate soil compaction to a depth of 12“. Equip the heavy chisel standards with twisted points and together with the large diameter coulters spaced every 7 1/2' the crop residue is sized and...

  • Model 4233 - Performing Fall Tillage

    Model 4233 - Performing Fall Tillage

    Large Acreage Farms Need To Cover More Acres When Performing Fall Tillage.Don't take a chance of not getting over your ground in the fall after harvest. With today's short windows due to an increase in acres farmed and unfavorable weather conditions, there are times when you are hard pressed to complete all of your fall tillage. This means possibly leaving it until spring and taking a chance of delayed planting of next year's crop. The 4233 Coulter...

  • Model 7200 - Soil Conditioners

    Model 7200 - Soil Conditioners

    Completes Your Tillage Tools Performance. Whether you're pulling the Sunflower 7200 Soil Conditioner behind a primary or secondary tillage tool, the results are the same-Improved Effectiveness of the Host Machine and Enhanced Efficiency of the Operator.

  • Land Finishers

  • Model 6221 - Land Finishers

    Model 6221 - Land Finishers

    A One Pass Tillage Solution To Poor Germination. Perform your discing, incorporation, cultivating, and field finishing in one tillage pass. Don't accept poor germination when the solution is seed bed preparation. The Sunflower 6221 Land Finisher can enhance seed-to-soil contact and create a favorable environment for early root growth. The 6221 is designed for smaller tractors but delivers large performance.

  • Air Drills

  • Model 9800  - Single-Disc Air Drill

    Model 9800 - Single-Disc Air Drill

    The Newest Drill Technology in Two Decades!Some have already referred to the Sunflower 9800 Single Disc Drill as a “speed drill” due to its unique ability to seed at a higher speeds without creating uneven seed rows. However, you may just want to call it “extremely versatile.” Whether you run it fast or slow; in no-till, minimum-till or conventional till; flat ground or on a slope, the Sunflower 9800 works well in all...

  • Model 9830NT - Air Drills

    Model 9830NT - Air Drills

    Seed it faster, with better accuracy and control!The SF9830NT features an integrated two compartment tank and a narrow, 11.5’ (3.5 m), transport width. The brawn of the SF9830NT is the field proven, single rank, single disc opener system and the brain is the AgControl system providing product rate control of each meter shaft by section. This system delivers the precision high speed seeding performance and product rate control demanded by...

  • Disc Harrows

  • Model 1212 - Disc Harrows

    Model 1212 - Disc Harrows

    Large Disc Performance For Today's Smaller Farmers. The Model 1212 Disc Harrow is Sunflower's discing answer for America's smaller farmers. It is available in rigid models only and matches tractor horsepower in the range of 110 and lower. With exception of gauge wheels the 1212 has all of the same outstanding features common to the 1233. It's tough, heavy and capable of performing primary and finish discing operations. Like all discs from Sunflower,...

  • Dump Wagons

  • Model 8010-8020 - Dump Wagons

    Model 8010-8020 - Dump Wagons

    Increase your efficiency of haying and forage operations without unhooking conventional wagons or waiting on trucks to return. Pulling a Richardton wagon will reduce the compaction caused by truck traffic in the fields during a wet year.

  • Model 8210 - Dump Wagons

    Model 8210 - Dump Wagons

    Simple Operation and Low Maintenance.Reduce Costs and Speed up Your Operation.Variable dumping height saves you labor, time and equipment, and that saves you money! The Model 8210-900 can gently transfer up to 40,000 lbs of product into a receiving vehicle at any height from 10' to 15'. No augering and gentle transfer means less bruising or cracking when you harvest: Seed Corn, Sweet Corn, Dry Edible Beans, Sugar Beets, Vegetables, Peanuts, Peppers...

  • Field Cultivators

  • Sunflower - Model 5035  - Field Cultivators

    Sunflower - Model 5035 - Field Cultivators

    Sunflower's Model 5035 Field Cultivator features heavy construction, outstanding clearance and superb flotation. The 3' x 4' rectangular tube frame provides the strength today's high horsepower tractors require, and Sunflower's computer design features optimum shank placement for unmatched clearance. The Model 5035 features single point depth control with rephasing lift cylinders...all covered under our three year warranty. Shanks are available in...

  • Fallow Tillage Tools

  • Model 3000 - Fallow Tillage Tools

    Model 3000 - Fallow Tillage Tools

    The Fallow-King is specially built for the wide range of soil conditions found on the Great Plains. It performs both primary and secondary tillage activities. The entire Fallow-King series features two rows of shanks and frames that flex every 7' to hug the terrain on flat or rolling ground, even over terraces. You can run shallow without the fear of skipping or gouging and Sunflower's computer design features optimum shank placement and provides a 6'...