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  • Round Balers

  • Easy max Tronic - Round Baler

    Easy max Tronic - Round Baler

    The reduced dimension of the pick-up facilitates the taking up of the product.The feed of the pressing chamber is lightened by the fork introduction device which has strong guides teeth thereby eliminating the risk of clogging caused by irregular windrows. In the same time, this devive keeps the feed constant without any interruptions, guaranteeing an improved bale formation.

  • Top cut Tronic - Round Balers

    Top cut Tronic - Round Balers

    The Top Cut cutting system consists of a rotatory feeder, with spirally positioned teeth of the profile of wich ensures a clean cut without any pressure, by means of 14knives with undulating toothing positionned on the frame behind the pick-up. The knives can be either hydraulically engaged or disengaged from the tractor cab. safety is guarantee thanks to knives springs.