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  • Trawls


    Swan Net-Gundry Ltd has earned a global reputation for innovation and workmanship, designing and manufacturing a full range of pelagic gear, the company continues to be one of the leading trawl makers in Europe. Our range includes the traditional designed right and left lay twisted twine front-end trawl, the always-reliable Hex trawl and of course the very successful self-spreading Trawls.

  • White Fishing

    White Fishing

    Swan Net Gundry are a world renowned trawl maker supplying gear to all over the world. We offer a full range of designs which are bespoke to suit each individual customer’s needs. Each fisherman is an individual, so our trawls designs adjust accordingly. Our experienced team are always on hand to handle every inquiry.

  • Hardware


    Swivels, Safety-Hooks, Rings, Links-Carabine-Clips, Roller-Ghook-Spike-Punch, Shackles, Chain, Anodes

  • Ropes & Moorings

    Ropes & Moorings

    This unique Float Rope combines high breaking strength and low stretch with high flexibility.