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  • Food Processing Solutions

  • Cabbage Cleaning System

    Cabbage Cleaning System

    Sweere can offer a complete cabbage cleaning solution for your product. This line can be tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

  • Harvesting Solutions

  • 3 Point Harvesting Belt

    3 Point Harvesting Belt

    Sweere 3-point hitch harvesting belts have been designed and perfected through experience. They have been developed as the perfect harvesting help, which stand for durability, high quality, and gentle handling of your product.  Can be used to transport various crops such as cabbage, watermelons, etc.

  • Delecroix  - Foldable harvesting belt

    Delecroix - Foldable harvesting belt

    The Delecroix Constructions harvesting belt is a very robust and durable belt that makes it easier and more efficient to harvest your crop. The belt contains a number of unique features making harvesting more ergonomic. This belt has an innovative folding solution allowing easy transportation of your harvest belt to another place. Folding the belt into the trailer is easy due to the hydraulic system. With this solution the transportation width is...

  • Celery Harvester

    Celery Harvester

    Based on the proven and perfected “collection belt system” the machine lifts the celery plants without damaging them. The system is hydraulically powered by a stand-alone system, which can be adjusted from the platform, as well as from the tractor. These machines are customizable to some extent, contact us to find out what solution we can offer you.

  • Binder Harvester

    Binder Harvester

    The garlic harvester-binder lifts the garlic from the soil, eliminating part of the soil, maintaining the leaves for greater preservation and grouping the harvest together to make collection easier. This machine is available in a one or two row model.

  • Cutter Harvester

    Cutter Harvester

    The harvester-cutters lifts the bulb from the soil, after which it removes part of the soil and then cuts the leaves. After this the machine stores the bulbs in boxes or bags of different sizes. This machine is available in 1 to 5 row models.

  • Bulb Planter

    Bulb Planter

    Besides the pneumatic planter, Sweere also offers the bulb planter. This machine has high precision and level of performance for planting seeds. The machine is easily adjustable for different bulb sizes, plant distance, seed depth and seed bed height. A vibrating hopper ensures the continuous feeding of the planting discs. The planting disc equipped with spoons which pick up the bulbs from the hopper and plant them at the distance adjusted by...

  • Pneumatic Planter

    Pneumatic Planter

    Sweere offers a highly advanced pneumatic garlic planter, which offers an even higher performance and accuracy. The accuracy of the high capacity pneumatic garlic planter - especially by smaller seeds - is based on the combination of two discs, a vacuum disc and a platform disc. The vacuum disc runs through the hopper, takes the seeds one by one and gives them to the platform disc. This is done on a way that every hole of the platform disc gets one...