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  • Sprayers & Blowers

  • Motorized Mist Sprayers & Blowers

    Motorized Mist Sprayers & Blowers

    A wide variety of motorized mist sprayer models are available. If you do not have a tractor with a PTO this is the perfect spraying solution for you. Either tow the mist sprayer behind your ATV (trailer model) or put one in the back of your truck.

  • Little Hercules Mist Blower

    Little Hercules Mist Blower

    Swihart-Sales would like to introduce a new mist sprayer to its line of products. The Little Hercules. The Little Hercules is a small engine driven mist blower full of capabilities. This unit is small enough to fit in the back of most any utility vehicle which means you will have the capability of spraying in tight areas where a conventional sprayer may not fit. It may be small but it does have a lot of power. Being equipped with a reliable 9 HP Honda...

  • Livestock Feeders

  • Cattleman’s Choice - Livestock Feeder

    Cattleman’s Choice - Livestock Feeder

    Available in 12″, 16″ and 20″ lengths with Removeable Tongue Hitch.7′ and 8′ widths. 12′, 16′, 20′ and 24′ lengths. 4000 lb., 6 bolt hub and spindle with new or used 15″ tires.

  • S.I. Feeders - Feeder

    S.I. Feeders - Feeder

    This approach makes dollars and sense, by using an area smaller than a pasture and larger than a feedlot. These S.I. Feeders reduce stress and provides a better environment for the cattle year around. An Arrow Front feeder will take any type of feed to a clean area where it can be consumed with less waste and reduces the manure buildup. An extra advantage is that an electric powered stationary mixer, which costs less to buy and less...

  • Road Grooms

  • Road Groom

    Road Groom

    More than 20 years of road maintenance experience went into the design of the Road Groom.It maintains loose material road beds faster and cheaper, with less stress on the road bed than a conventional road grader.