Alfonso Garrido, basing the business in the manufacturing and marketing of farm silos and livestock equipment, founded Symaga in 1985. Symaga divided its portfolio into several business lines: Symaga Silos specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing galvanized steel silos for storage; Growket, one line focused on livestock, poultry, pig and bovine equipment; and a third one specialized in manufacturing agricultural equipment such as water tanks and vineyard equipment named Agravid. Symaga Group invested huge productive and human resources in order to entitle these divisions as corporative unit.

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Ctra. de Arenas, km. 2,3, , Villarta de San Juan , Ciudad Real 13210 Spain

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)
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Key Facts. Total Process Control:Product quality is guaranteed from the selection and storage of raw material to the after-sales service. We design the engineering project, carry out automated manufacture, store the finished product, package as required, provide a logistics service, and all this with full traceability.

Automated factory: We have one of the most technologically advanced factories in Europe, with a centralized production system and in constant development, allowing standardization of quality. The factory is located on a 400.000 m2 plot with 60.000 m2 of buildings and a 9.500 m2 warehouse containing 8,000 tonnes of stock.

International experience: Symaga is present in over 120 countries. It meets global demand and focuses on the international market, exporting 92% of its production.

HR: We have over 150 professionals, who will advise you on the design and engineering of any project, offering a personalized service anywhere in the world.

R&D: Investment has doubled in recent years making innovation a way of expanding the company.

Symaga  was created in 1985 by Alfonso Garrido to manufacture of silos and components for poultry and pig farming. Currently, it is a multinational belonging to the Garrido family and the company exports to over 120 countries.

The company philosophy is based on customer satisfaction, manufacturing and marketing quality products.

For this purpose, Symaga has constantly invested in technology to modernize the factory, now fully automated. This allows us to manufacture products of standardized quality, offer good value for money, control the entire production process and offer faster delivery times. 


We offer a  global service through our 4 divisions:

-Silos: specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of metal silos for storage. 

-Livestock equipment: offering a “turnkey” solution for livestock projects.

-Agricultural equipment: manufacturing metal water tanks and vineyard equipment.

-Steel works: for steel and plastic injection work.