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Our company is one of the most competent agricultural small machine manufacturers in Hungary and in the Middle and East Europe. Our KaeF signed tillers are produced according to the ISO 9001 quality control. Our main activity is the production of self-developed tillers, adjustable adapters and vintage devices. Our machines are equipped with the world famous, reliable, high quality engines. In addition to the both world famous brands Briggs & Stratton and Honda we also use top quality Lombardini (Kohler) engines. Other parts are made mainly from domestic materials by ourself with the help of a relatively tight supplier background. Over and above the national market we manage significant export trade in the Middle- and East Europe. And we are also present at the west-european field. Approximately 60 % of our machines are sold abroad.

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099 Hsrsz. , Szava , Vaskapupuszta 7813 Hungary

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Driving gears of our tillers are composed of massive, two-sides aluminium housing. The power transmission inside is realized by steel pulley-bronze wheel transmission. Because of the regulator built inside the engines rpm of the rotating hoe unit is nearly constant, so it is easy to loosen the soil and work the organic fertilizer into.

Close to our tillers we produce different kinds of adapters using them to make garden works easier. Installation of the adapters is simple and it is quick to perform without any tool requirements.

Our goal is to make our costumers fully satisfied with all of our products. This is served also by our developments which our products have higher and higher quality through.

The products are purchasable throughout the country and our service network is also Hungarian wide. Our partners stand also at the customers’ disposal. On our website we would like to give you any information and help to the product range. If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Szentkirály Kft. is in possession of many years of experience over the past several decades. In the 60’s the so called “Vörös” tillers were built with the Hungarian former Danuvia engines. Later in the 70’s merged into the Pécsi Vasipari Szövetkezet (Iron Industry Co-operative Pécs) the machines were equipped with two-stroke Sachs engines and Hungarian KMG engines. The separated Fémipari Kisszövetkezet Szabadszentkirály (Metal Industry Co-operative Szabadszentkirály) began its independent activity in 1983 with metalworking. And in 1984 started the manufacturing of tillers again, in the same year the first 25 pieces of the self-developed garden machines arrived at the shops. In the 80’s tillers were made mostly with Aspera engines. Then, since 1986 first in the country, maybe in the whole eastern block and almost exclusively the company has started producing tillers and lawn mowers as well, mounted with Briggs engines imported from the USA. Thanks to these excellent engines and the high quality production the company was developing continuously. In 1989 it already possessed approximately 300 million forints returns.

After the change of regime the resulted changes were not favourable to the co-operative. Overcame the arisen difficulties in 1993 a company was established by a circle of Hungarian private individuals, which has been running as Szentkirály Kft. (Ltd.) since then. Thanks to the owners and the prevailing direction the limited company has been modernized and developed continuously. Through its excellent products it wins newer and newer customers’ approval in every year. In the times after the starting years it was 5-7000 tillers typical of production. This number reaches for today more than 30000 pieces of tiller production and sale all over Europe.

As providing the high quality, we have been worked according to the ISO 9001 since 1998. In addition to this the ISO 14001 environmental management system is going to be initiated.