T.R. Turoni Srl

T.R. Turoni Srl

For over 35 years, T.R. Turoni Srl has been meeting the needs of fruit-growing and horticulture companies with its offer of scientific instruments. Its products have become well-established in the worldwide markets thanks to their precision and reliability. T.R. Turoni Srl offers a complete range of instruments helping the industry users in all phases of the agricultural production; in particular, the Company specializations are harvest and quality control instruments, including: DA Meter - The non-destructive fruit ripeness tester for pome and stone fruits; it allows to monitor on-tree fruit ripening, and to accurately establish the optimal harvest time. This instrument can also be used in refrigerated storage systems to establish maturation changes. Fruit Firm Meter - For measuring blueberry and cherry pulp firmness; it is a small hand-held device for non-destructive firmness testing. Fruit Durometers - For cherry and tomato pulp hardness.

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Via Copernico, 26 , Forli (FC) , 47122 Italy
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Agriculture Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

  • Refractometers - For reading and measuring the fruit juice sugar concentration.
  • Fruit Firmness Testers (also known as a Fruit Pressure Testers or Penetrometers) – It s a meter that allows to measure the fruit firmness and it provides a quick, easy and accurate method to determine fruit maturation at harvest and in cold storage system.
  • Fruit and Vegetable Calipers.;
  • Core Fruit Thermometers - For measuring the fruit pulp temperature.

Other measuring instruments offered:

  • Instruments for soil and water measures, such as pHmeters (acidity), conductivity-meters (salinity), soil moisture meters, etc..
  • Meteorological instruments.
  • Control instruments for cold storage systems and logistics, such as high-precision thermometers, hygrometers, etc.