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Tenderfoot is a world renowned slat flooring system for animal production. Its outstanding characteristic is its unique plastisol coating. This innovative flooring system complies with all applicable rules and guidelines for strawless livestock husbandry. Tenderfoot has been proven by its excellent performance for decades in pig production, replacement dairy calf markets, veal calf applications as well as pet and research applications. The Tenderfoot system equally fulfills the requirements of veterinary medicine as well as scientific and economic aspects in an optimum way. We manufacture a full line of animal flooring products that are distributed worldwide.

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3444 Dight Avenue South , Minneapolis , Minnesota 55406 USA

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Tandem Products manufactures 'Animal-Friendly' plastisol coated steel mesh flooring under the trademark, Tenderfoot®. We produce flooring for animals up to 550 lbs in primarily the calf, swine and pet & research markets. In the calf industry we manufacture flooring for both veal calves and replacement heifers for the dairy industry. In the swine industry we manufacture a variety of flooring options for nursery through farrowing. We also produce a variety of flooring options for caging/kennels for the pet & research industry under the Dek-Cellent trademark.

The flooring has been proven to reduce labor costs & death loss while providing a clean dry environment for the animals. The plastisol coating is resistant to fungi & bacteria.

Tenderfoot is a system tailored to the various needs in animal production. It is characterized by four features: animal-friendly, labor-saving, economical and designed for the future. Our custom manufatured Tenderfoot® flooring can be integrated into virtually any animal facility.

Tenderfoot animal friendly flooring is subjected to a full and exacting pre-coating preparation we maintain the highest level of attention to this part of the manufaturing process to guarentee 100% adhesion of plastisol to metal. This assures many years of trouble free use when properly supported and maintained.