The products occuring as a result of 25 years-experince were tested by under the conditions of UPOV, ISTA, TTSM certifications. Tarbio focused on maize and tomato plants using tissue culture and molecular techniques. Developed hybrid tomato seeds were tested at least for eight different-disease resistance under UPOV criteria as HR-High resistance and IR-Intermediate Resistance using molecular techniques due to references. All tests are applied at the laboratories of own by the ISTA certificated experts. For product development, the firm uses international-product-development programmes using plant breeding softwares. Please do not hesitate for contact for any questions. Tarbio gives a lot of attention to research which enables our breeders to develop new varieties faster and, surrounds upward improvement of the seed quality developing resistance tests for plant diseases.

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OMÜ, KOSGEB-TEKNOPARK Körfez Mahalles , Atakum , SAMSUN 55183 Turkey
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We would like to actively attend to the  world’s food supply  and stimulate  maize and tomato consumption by  laying the foundations for  healthy and appealing plants.

Our Certificates

  • Firma TSÜAB Üyesi, Yetkilendirilmiş Özel Sektör Araştırmacı Kuruluş
  • ISTA (Uluslararası Tohum Test Birliği) tarafından Kanada da düzenlenen Moleküler Teknikle Çeşit Ayırımı kursu SERTİFİKASI