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  • Rainbows in Washtubs: Diagnostic Mysteries in Agromedicine

    Rainbows in Washtubs: Diagnostic Mysteries in Agromedicine

    Real-life agromedical discoveries previously only available in scientific journals and books This entertaining and enlightening collection of true-life agromedical “,detective stories”, demonstrates innovative problem-solving in places as diverse as a desert farm in the Nile delta and a sharecropper&rsquo,s cabin in South Carolina. From a schoolyard outbreak of pulmonary histoplasmosis in Michigan to a young farmer&rsquo,s wife&rsquo,s ...

  • GIS Applications in Agriculture

    GIS Applications in Agriculture

    The increased efficiency and profitability that the proper application of technology can provide has made precision agriculture the hottest developing area within traditional agriculture. The first single-source volume to cover GIS applications in agronomy, GIS Applications in Agriculture examines ways that this powerful technology can help farmers produce a greater abundance of crops with more efficiency and at lower costs. Each chapter ...