TDI-Power Attachments

TDI-Power Attachments specializes in providing concrete mixers, vibratory rollers, broom buckets, cold planers and trenchers. Our concrete mixers are designed to provide homogeneous mixing of concrete and cement. They are used in construction and public works. Our concrete mixer is provided with a safety cap, electrical connector wiring and pressure control valves. Our trencher attachment is designed for making ditches in frozen or rocky soils. We also offer pallet forks, which are used in loading and transporting pallets.

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c/Juan de la Cierva 6, nave F, Pol. Ind. Can Castells, P.O. Box 105, Canovellas , Barcelona , Catalonia 08420 Spain

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Internationally (various countries)

The history of TDI-PowerAttachments starts at the beginning of 1998, after which Mr. Antonio Daniel Lloret Ruiz developed a attachment series for Skid Steer Loaders, significantly improving existing systems, thanks to more than 40 years in the developing and manufacturing ofattachments and implements

Every day is necessary the use of specialized tools for the different works needs, in sectors such as industry, construction, public work, livestock and agriculture, etc.. TDI-PowerAttachments is capable of supplying high quality specific attachments for each work to be done, like excavation, cleaning, roads and streets maintenance (asphalt milling, snow cleaning ...), soil compaction, grading, material handling, cleaning of forests and fields, etc. 

Year after year TDI-PowerAttachments has expanded and improved its offering of availableattachments to cover the specifics needs of our customers

The objective ofTDI-PowerAttachments is clear, supplying of quality attachments to distributors, importers and manufacturers of construction machinery and public works, especially those dedicated to skid steer loaders and compact machines. Our attachments are builded with high strenght steels and top quality components brands, giving a very robust and reliable equipment without rival in the sector, is for this quality that our attachments are known today. 

TDI-PowerAttachments not only strive to develop and manufacture better equipments, we also strives to resolve any problems that might present in ourattachments, with a fast and efficient post-sale parts service, because we are consistent with the detriment and monetary cost posed by dead hours for breakdown.