Welcome to the Techmagri UK It is our sincere hope that you will quickly realise we are not just another machinery sales company, but also a business dedicated to pushing the boundaries of UK agricultural development.

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

Our aim as your partner

There is no doubt that European agriculture is entering one of its greatest periods of change. Maximising food production and guaranteeing a consistent supply is arguably one of the biggest challenges facing mankind. Pressure on the environment is also a major factor that will increasingly affect agricultural production methods in the years to come.

Around the globe the benefits of a more sustainable system of agriculture are being proven, from the 1st to the 3rd world. International organisations including the United Nations are driving this change, and anyone attending the last Agritechnica exhibition in Germany could not have failed to notice this fact.

You will have all felt the effects of the recent price increases in items such as fuel and fertilisers. I’m sure you will also agree that these costs will keep rising year on year at a rate greater than we have seen in the past. It is also clear that some form of environmental/emissions legislation will come to farming in the near future, just as it has with industry. This will undoubtedly affect the amount of fuel we consume and also the way in which we use our fertiliser.

Our partners, Techmagri SA of France, are led by Mr Michel Rouyer, a highly skilled and forward thinking engineer with an in depth understanding of crop production and in particular the needs of the soil. This innovative approach has led to the development of a range of cultivation and drilling equipment unequalled in its ability to offer a complete crop establishment system to suit all soil types and farming systems throughout Europe.

With this partnership Techmagri UK can offer you the farmer a clear way forward. We can certainly make you large savings on your fuel and horsepower requirements. Even more importantly, we can offer you significant improvements in your soil structure and fertility, leading to sustainable yield increases.