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  • Model I-PILE - Trays Feeder

    Model I-PILE - Trays Feeder

    Stacks of empty trays are by the operator put on the conveyor belt; this belt serves as a buffer. At the end of this conveyor band is the tray de stacker mounted who dispense the trays on the in feed belt of a tray filling machine. An electronic control with specific software for the connection of the I stack with almost any machine possible. The length of the buffer conveyor belt can be adapted to the needs of the customer.

  • Model I-BAN - Work Benches

    Model I-BAN - Work Benches

    The I-ban systems are designed for maximum performance of the work to plants, which must be manually done. This is a system with individual work stations connected to a system of conveyor belts. These belts produce a flow of products to and from the staff. These systems are primarily used for grafting and manual cutting operations. Each work station is served by three belts, placed one above the other, a flow of products (work) to the direction...

  • Model I-BICK - Bio Pots De-Stacker

    Model I-BICK - Bio Pots De-Stacker

    The I-bick pot destacker with diaphram opening system that also destack borderless pots without a problem. The double diaphragm clamps the pots at 6 points and by rotation at the time of dosing, the pots are separated.

  • Model I-MBAL - Packaging Machine

    Model I-MBAL - Packaging Machine

    Using the I-Mbal, we have focused on reducing the cost of shipping in not overhanging plants in polystyrene trays (vegetables or flowers). With this system, you do not need trolleys but bind with tape the trays to 4 aluminum post on each corner and make it into a very ridged pile of trays that can be transported easily. On location the tape is removed and trays can be used. The distance between the trays is very easy to vary, depending on the height...