Technofer S.R.L.

TECNOFER S.r.l. began producing continuous augers in 1970, using in-house designed and manufactured machinery with the experience acquired over 40 years, today Tecnofer is a partner of the most important manufacturers of agricultural and industrial plant in the world. Today TECNOFER S.r.l, always a keen innovator of distribution channels, is the only company in the sector that enables its clients to purchase continuous augers on line, including flexible augers, augers in iron and stainless steel, metal augers in general and customized supplies.

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Via Abetone Brennero nord 19/e , Ostiglia (MN) , 46035 Italy

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Established back in 1970 in Ostiglia, Mantua province, TECNOFER S.r.l. started manufacturing the first continuous spirals with own in-house designed and engineered machinery.

The exclusive technology has allowed Tecnofer to become the main model reference on the European market.

Over the years, the technological research has developed with welding robots for spirals on shafts and computerized balancing of the augers’ axis, up to the engineering of machineries for the production of continuous spirals with important thickness. Year after year, our company has reached a consolidated high quality level and gained the worldwide leadership in our field of production.

Besides traditional continuous spirals, we supply cold-pressed spiral segments (mild steel, stainless steel, Hardox, Creusabro), flexible spirals in pre-tempered steel, spirals from flat steel and conical augers for mixing wagons too.

Tecnofer srl has been on the market for over 45 years and is a leading company in the production of continuous spirals and cold-pressed spiral segments in different diameters, to combine with different types of commercial pipes and existing metal structures and accessories.

Thanks to our long experience, we are able to satisfy many different needs; we employ high-quality materials, which make our spirals a long-lasting and serviceable product.

Rigorous inspections during the different production phases increase the guaranteed value of our product according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Standards.

Tecnofer srl was set up in 1970 realizing the passion and genius' business of a group of shareholders who, in person, designed and engineered the first machines suitable to manufacture continuous spirals.

Soon the entry on the market of Tecnofer meets the favor of a diverse clientele who starts appreciating our Research & Development results and demanding our addiable products. and the cod continuous RSine the entry in the marof t

Since the very beginning and in very short time, Tecnofer success requires the doubling of operating machines and theexpans includes production from flat metal and stainless steel spirals.

RequiringTing production sees expansionsions added to the mainetra buildings that wil later hos currentpresent assembly department too.

The '80s are the consolidation edge and the decisive turning point to push TECNOFER abroad with the acquisition of important worldwide customers. Export sales are the start line to new and important challenges requiring the achievement of most advanced quality standards.

1995 the introduction of new technologies, such as the robotic welding and the electronic balancing, are momentum for a reorganization of the company and creation of new spaces dedicated to the assembly department.

1197 Tecnofer invests in a new paint-plant in compliance with latest environmental standards.

2003 is a crucial year for corporate development: a new production facility in Ficarolo Rovigo manufacturing rods and accessories for combine harvesters completes the wide range of products. In this new plant, thanks to high-tech machinery, Tecnofer introduces the production of a new spiral in printed sectors to satisfy different needs in different industries.

2004 sees the acquisition and conversion of some nearby real estates in Ostiglia to be the raw material warehouse and host the Quality Control Department.

2009 Tecnofer enters the flexible spirals' market designing and engineering an own innovative machinery to create a product that will become a model and reference for the national and the international markets.

2011, introduction of a modern and complete ERP system to allow a professional management of production from raw materials to the finished product.

2014, introduction of specific quality-control technologies.

2015, gathering all the logistics under one roof and set up of new offices, adding functionality and a touch of elegance to the entire operational structure.

The new challenges ahead of us are not future but current reality based on our solid past experience and projected on continuous innovation, increasing our competitiveness.


Our company reflects our attitude and ambitions. The road to success is our motivation and guideline. Customer satisfaction is the core of our business. In our company, everyone has an active role. The individual is the center of attention because we promote both personal and professional development of our employees. Developing and sharing is the base of our success.

Tecnofer quality management system is certified ISO 9001: 2008 since December 10, 2008 granting business processes flow, production efficiency and top service, to gain and increase our customers satisfaction.