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  • Metal Spirals

  • Continuous Spirals

    Continuous Spirals

    Tecnofer offers different types of continuous spirals, welded on shaft or shaftless. The welded on shaft continuous spirals are suitable for applications where diameter and reduced thickness are required, as for example for sludge treatment, food industry and, more in general, in the industry of micro-spirals. Tecnofer continuous spirals can be in different steel alloys (stainless steel AISI304, mild steel ST37) and available in a wide range of...

  • Cold Pressed Spiral Segments

    Cold Pressed Spiral Segments

    Spirals in segments are cold printed and are particularly resistant to deterioration. Cold-printed spiral segments are made out of different metals by plasma or laser cut: hardened steel, stainless steel, mild steel, anti-wear materials such as Hardox or Creusabro. Cold-printed spiral segments are available in a wide variety of dimensions, thicknesses and pitches and can be customized.

  • Flexible Spirals

    Flexible Spirals

    Flexible metal spirale are ideal for conveying the material with different angles. The flexibility of these spirals makes them particularly suitable in the livestock feeding industry, and transportation of granular material. They are available in different sizes, thicknesses and pitches.

  • Customised Spirals

    Customised Spirals

    All our spirals, continuous, printed, flexible and from bars, can be customized as to diameters, pitch, size and material (mild steel, different alloys and stainless steel, wear-resistant material, etc.). In case of special technical specifications, Tecnofer also manufactures specially designed models based on customer’s drawings too.

  • Production Cycle

  • Raw Material Coils

    Raw Material Coils

    Quality raw material from the best and qualified contractors is supplied and stored in our warehouse.

  • Spiral Made from Coil

    Spiral Made from Coil

    The coil is thoroughly checked and only if qualitatively suitable is brought to production where through a stretch-folding process it turns into a spiral. The spiral is then transferred to the assembly department where it will be assembled with other components. Shaft reaming and spiral boring, where provided, are the next steps before assembling other accessories. Components are eventually assembled and welded by hand or robot and accurately...

  • Anti-Wear Welding

    Anti-Wear Welding

    The anti-wear welding is an optional treatment that can be applied on all steel spirals and augers, except for the flexible ones. This treatment increases the spiral resistance and extends its life.

  • Metal Augers

  • Vertical Augers

    Vertical Augers

    Conical augers for mixing wagons are available in vertical as well as horizontal type, and for agricultural machinery of large dimensions. They are widely used for mixing animal feeding. The cones for mixers are made by cold printing to create the taper and according to required size; its segments are robot-welded.

  • Harvester Thresher’s Arm

    Harvester Thresher’s Arm

    Tecnofer manufactures unloading harvester (combine) thresher’s arms of different dimensions to meet different OEM requirements and different agricultural machine models.

  • Continuous Augers

    Continuous Augers

    Tecnofer supplies different types of continuous augers, welded or unwelded to the pipe. Continuous augers fitted to pipes are ideal for applications requiring small diameters and reduced thicknesses such as for the treatment of sludge, in food processing applications and in general where micro-augers are required.

  • Augers From Plate

    Augers From Plate

    Augers made from plate with constant thickness are ideal for conveyors without central shaft, used for example in waste disposal applications and for the purification of effluent. Augers from plate are available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and pitch and mat also be made to measure.

  • Pressed Augers

    Pressed Augers

    Augers cold-pressed by sector are particularly wear-resistant. The sectors of the pressed auger can be made by plasma cutting or laser from a variety of materials: hardened steel, stainless steel, iron, or wear-resistant material such as hardox or creusabro. Pressed augers are available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and pitch and can be made with customized thicknesses to customer specifications.

  • Flexible Metal Spirals

    Flexible Metal Spirals

    Pre-hardened steel flexible spirals produced by Tecnofer guarantee excellent flexibility and resistance to twisting. Flexible metal augers are ideal for the transportation of materials through curved piping. Their versatility makes them particularly useful for livestock farming and for the transportation of granular materials. Flexible metal spirals are available in a large range of sizes, thicknesses and pitch.

  • Made to Measure Spirals

    Made to Measure Spirals

    To meet all Client transportation needs, Tecnofer manufactures metal spirals to your specifications. All our continuous, pressed and flexible augers, as well as spirals made from plate, can be made to your specifications for inner and outer diameter, pitch, size and materials (iron, various steel and stainless steel alloys, wear-resistant material, etc.).