TCI delivers `Solutions From Plants`. If you require safe, sustainable and reliable specialty plant derived ingredients, with uncompromising service, at competitive prices, TCI could be the partner you need. If your business, products or customers require specialized ingredients from plants, where any risk of supply chain failure could have serious consequences, TCI may be able to manage this risk for you.

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

Being fully integrated from 'soil to oil' in all our products, allows greater reliability, traceability and predictability than buying through purely 'brokered' channels. We understand farming, the challenges it can present and the management tools we can employ to create opportunity from challenge.

In an increasingly commoditized world, finding growers dedicated to specialized crop production is becoming increasingly hard. TCI contracts with over 4,000 growers globally to meet the demands of our customers.

Whether you require:

  • essential fatty acid containing specialty oils for dietary supplement manufacture (borage, echium)
  • unique fatty acid properties for personal care / skin care applications (meadowfoam, crambe)
  • oleochemical feedstocks for ‘green chemistry’ (erucic acid, hydroxy fatty acids)
  • healthy nutritional and performance lipids for food manufacture (high oleic sunflower)

TCI can customize a 'soil to oil' supply chain for you, delivering the right quality at the right time at the right price; whilst offering the value of being fully integrated back to the field.

TCI's core values define who we are, how we operate and what our customers, suppliers and partners can expect from us, in all of our dealings. Across all our business activities our staff demonstrate these values as being the soul of TCI. They are:

Click on the below hexagon to find out how TCI's Core Values help their customers, suppliers, and partners grow:

To encourage and celebrate these values, each quarter, TCI receives nominations from staff, recognizing those who have gone above and beyond to demonstrate these values, and to receive an award. Our people are what make the difference and they are passionate about what they do, why, and how they do it.

'From soil to oil, naturally', this is how TCI delivers its plant derived solutions. At the core of this is sustainability and environmental awareness. Although this means many different things to different people, at TCI we look to address all the sustainability requirements of our partners and stakeholders, throughout the supply chain.

Our Growers:

The crops TCI contract directly with growers are sustainable from a resource utilization perspective, whether that be land, labor, water, fertilizer or chemicals. Our contract grown crops are produced under strict 'Identity Preserved' protocols such as 'organic' or ‘non GMO’ and all crops comply with TCI’s Crop Assured 365™ production requirements. 365 days a year, TCI assure our crop production systems for sustainability, traceability and reliability. As stewards of the land, often spanning multiple generations, TCI's growers understand sustainability and environmental awareness, possibly as much as anybody can.

Our Processors:

Where possible we work with local processors who share our philosophy of environmental stewardship, appreciate our core values and meet our demands for uncompromising quality. We require complete compliance with all environmental standards and conduct 3rd party audits on facilities.


Purchasing products from sustainable and environmentally conscious suppliers is not optional for TCI's customers, it is a demand, and we strive to meet those requirements. Being integrated throughout the supply chain, TCI are best placed to ensure the sustainability, authenticity and providence of all of our products.

Our partnerships with agribusiness are as important as our partnerships with farmers. We work with some of the leading global agricultural businesses of today, partnering to provide local delivery locations for growers, customized drying and cleaning services for specialty crops and logistics providers to transport crops from the farm.

From before the seed is planted, to when the crop leaves the farm, we identify and work with the best service providers to deliver our value proposition. Below are just some of the leading farm based agribusinesses TCI is proud to be in partnership with.

One of TCI's areas of expertise is in bringing new and emerging crops to market through the evaluation, scale up and full commercialization process. This process follows a well defined yet highly specialized series of steps.

See as an example, where TCI searched for, identified and set about commercializing an entirely new, sustainable and innovative source of advanced omega 3 fatty acids, compared to flax seed, whilst delivering the health benefits associated with consuming fish oils, yet from a natural and plant derived source that can be grown under rigorously managed conditions.

We develop pioneering strategies to build robust, scalable and sustainable supply chains for plant species that require a shift from concept or wild-crafting through to commercial production. We can:

  • Reduce scale up timelines, and increase speed of commercialization
  • Build cost models, predicting future costs of production
  • Create multiple source supply chains, from soil to oil
  • Identify and manage risk

Are you a grower seeking to become part of a supply chain partnership to grow specialty crops? TCI offers:

  • Low risk, high return specialty crop production contracts
  • Full agronomic support and expert advice
  • Exemplary customer service and support
  • Valuable opportunity to be part of a globally recognized group of innovators, growing, processing and taking high value, quality of life enhancing products to market

For up to the minute information on the production contracts TCI can offer you, please follow the link to your nearest TCI office.