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  • Floating Cages

    Floating Cages

    The floating cages manufactured by TECHNOSEA srl are made with high density polyethylene (HDPE) PE80 or PE100 and variable PN from 8 to 12.5 UNI 10910. TECHNOSEA srl directly produces the various components of the farming structure either according to our own models and designs or to Polarcirkel manufacturing  licence. TECHNOSEA srl offers high quality products with 12 month guarantee on all assembling elements.

  • Submersible Cage

    Submersible Cage

    In Italy, like in many other countries, the current development of marine fish farming is linked to the possibility to dislocate the farming activities from sheltered sea areas to more unsheltered ones and even off shore. This is due to:

  • Fish Farming Nets

    Fish Farming Nets

    TECHNOSEA srl has launched the new unit of production of fish farming nets for floating and submersible cages. The combination of special modified machinery and highly professional operators with years of experience in the net manufacture make TECHNOSEA srl a new and valuable reality at the service of farmers. The most important TechnoSEA  quality production is the double sewing to join reinforcing ropes to the netting pannel. First is outside...

  • Ropes


    TECHNOSEA srl with its products range dedicated to aquaculture and sprang out of years of experience in offhsore installations, supplies materials and equipment for mooring cage plants for fish farming, in particular: Those used for mooring are twisted ropes made of  DANLINE/POLYSTEEL, manufactured with extruded, high density polypropylene and polyethylene thread , blended together, which give a maximum tensile stress of about 20-25% higher than...

  • Anchors


    SAMSON 12 type, 150 to 1000 kg with ultimate load from 19.3 to 63.7 tonnes, particularly indicated for sandy-muddy waters.

  • AQUASCAN - Fish Counter

    AQUASCAN - Fish Counter

    Exclusive patented technology: the fish counting is carried out through a sensor (microchip and infrared camcorder) with image registration and transmission of data to the control unit  for software processing that can manage up to four counters simultaneously. The system allows an accurate measurement of fish ranging from 2 grams up to 18 kg and from 2000 units/hour up to 30 tonnes/hour with  98-100% accuracy. The materials used are light...

  • Automatic Net Washer Machine

    Automatic Net Washer Machine

    The net washer NW65 is supplied with external hot dip steel structure, capacity of about 1500 litres for the collection of liquid waste. The specific bottom double opening allows both a quick emptying with total opening of door and (in case of use of anti-fouling paints) through spin pump with 1-1/2’ collector to retrieve fluids to be stocked in the appropriate containers. Our new AUTOMATIC washing machine for your fishing nets....