Since 1984 Tecnoagri has conceived and manufactured agricultural and industrial equipment. The success that our company gained during these years comes from the great ability and willingness to keep on innovation in order to fully satisfy our customer.

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Via Marconi 49 , Conselice (RA) , 48017 Italy

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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The current production focuses on the following fields:

  • digging up with the following products: backhoe arms for digging up machines, backhoes attached to the tractor, attached excavators, mini-excavators buckets, hydraulic ramdrills.
  • Tecnoagri backhoes are designed to excavate, load, dig and clean ditches. They fit low, medium and high power tractors through a 3 point linkage, with digging depth from 1,5 to 3,6 m
  • moving: forklifts attached to the tractor, hydraulic buckets for products displacement, metal and stainless steel containers with tilting system, tippers for containers and bins to be fitted to forklifts, bales loaders attached to the tractor, grabs and forks for hay and straw bales handling, forklifts channels
  • soil cultivation: the company offers a wide range of cultivators as well as inand outtree cultivators with disks or weeder blade. The hydraulic or electrohydraulic machines fit 3 point linkage tractors
  • green maintenance and shredder with a wide range of multi-purpose shredders, which are suitable for cutting grass, shredding brambles, shrubs, branches resulting from pruning, straw, maize stocks

The ideas of quality, versatility and safety concerning Tecnoagri products are the basis of our company philosophy, which is supported by an efficient and competent team as well as by the selection of certified and first quality raw materials. Even if it is not a very big company, Tecnoagri is particularly active, dynamic and attentive to innovations. At present about 80% of products are exported in Europe, South Africa, South America, Asia and Australia.

To think, achieve and issue all over the world products that thanks to their quality, reliability and excellence of service can completely meet customers' needs, improving quality of life and getting work hardless and more productive, in the respect of people, as well as with safeguard of environment and pollution prevention.

The ideas of quality, versatility and safety which characterise the products of Tecnoagri are the basis of the Company philosophy, supported by the skill and experience of our staff, as well as by the selection of guaranteed and first quality raw materials.

We are involved in obtaining the overall quality and guaranteeing the utmost reliability of our products.

The versatility of products to reply, as far as possible, to the demands of the single client, together with the prompt responses to the customer’s answers guarantee a continuous assistance to offer a collaborative management that leads to a mutual qualitative progress.

The security of the products, reached through rigorous standards of planning, first row material’s quality and rigid tests, is an absolute priority of our work.


The collaboration within our team has organised a well qualified and selected staff, which assure you very good products manufactured with ability and in a customized way.

We are involved in carrying out the development of gained knowledge in order to assure you the utmost quality of our products.

Tecnoagri products are characterised by the willingness to face and solve clients needs looking for the best solution, not the easier one.

Business Ethics
The management of the activity with an integrity without compromises, the search of equilibrium between business and company with creation of value and satisfaction for the client, employers proud to belong to the company structure, partner and suppliers happy to collaborate promoting organizational integrity and responsible management, integrity of the personnel, mutual respect.

Under Every Sky... Over Every Earth!
TECNOAGRI dreams to pursue its progress following customers on every soil.
To extend the range, increase market shares in order to keep on progress, putting customer satisfaction at the first place.

  • The value of the products, their reliability, as well as our post-sale service, which is careful with the feed-back and the needs of our clients, make Tecnoagri a dynamic and successful company in Italy and all over the world.
  • The desire to be closer and closer to the end-user in order to perfectly solve his problems becomes concrete thanks to the ability to change ideas and projects into a wide range of customized advance products.
  • The professionalism and expertise of our staff carefully involved in production dynamics and client service with a particular attention to their feed-back and needs, the selection of raw materials, as well as the delivery time decrease are the strength which allowed our company to be known all over the world.
  • The company philosophy is not to be satisfied of achievements obtained, but to continue in the innovation of new solutions and frontiers.