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  • Mould for Panels and Staircases

    Mould for Panels and Staircases

    Battery and lines normal or tilting with polished surface for the production of civil and industrial panels, with variable length and width. All the plants can be equipped with vibrating and heating systems. Moulds for staircases double or simple for the production of staircases with variable or fix tread and riser, with landing and with the possibility to vary the number of steps.

  • Moulds for Roofing Elements

    Moulds for Roofing Elements

    Self-reacting formwork or formwork with anchorage structures for roofing elements. Integrated with all the moulds you may need to complete the roofing-system, such as battery moulds or line moulds for the production of curved or flat slabs, moulds for tympanum, containers for slabs and tympanum transport, handling systems for lifting and transport of the different articles.

  • Floor Moulds

    Floor Moulds

    Self-reacting formwork or prestressed line for floor elements, Omega tiles – reverse Omega tiles, “double T”, double T with flat inferior slab, “I” tiles, doble ribs tiles with central core and flat slab.

  • Moulds for Various Beams

    Moulds for Various Beams

    Prestressed self-reacting lines or with anchorage structures for the universal production of the whole range of beams, with handling, displacement and locking of lateral edges completely automatic and controlled by a central unit.