Tempest Wood Splitter

The idea of the Tempest Wood Splitter began in a little shop just outside of Stacy, MN. My dad and I, bored out of our minds on a cold January day in 2001, decided to build a wood splitter for ourselves. That was the day we designed the Invertasplit, using the “tube within a tube” concept, for my mini-excavator. This concept led to our other designs, such as our first commercial wood splitter, the EF-4, built in 2010. We wanted to make wood splitting easier on the body, as we are not young, strapping men anymore, so we designed the splitter to have the log lift on the side you work on for convenience, and made it taller so we wouldn’t break our backs splitting wood all day. We perfected the design, and also concentrated on the smaller details, such as powder coating all of our wood splitters, to give customers the best piece of wood splitting equipment that money can buy.

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Unit 1 Spring Court Spring Lake South Malvern , Worcestercshire , WR14 1AT United Kingdom

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Agriculture - Forestry
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Globally (various continents)

Tempest Woodsplitters, Inc. is a family owned business, and all of our wood splitters are proudly built in the United States of America.  As of right now, our company is run just by me, Josh Larrabee, and my fiancee, Christina Curwick.  We live and breathe Tempest Wood Splitters.  I am very dedicated to building a safe, efficient product that my customers will get many years of use from.  You will be proud to show off our products to your buddies, co-workers and employees.  We truly believe we sell the best wood splitters in the world, and we would like to prove that to you, so give us a call today.