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  • Hustler Turf TrimStar - Model FS691 - Walk-Behind Mower

    Hustler Turf TrimStar - Model FS691 - Walk-Behind Mower

    The TrimStar is the most innovative walk-behind machine in the professional mowing industry. Our patented H-Bar® steering is the easiest-to-use walk-behind system in the field, reducing operator fatigue. The TrimStar is a unique machine on it's own, but it can fit nicely in a fleet when operators have had to reach places that pose problems for conventional 'Z' mowers. When it comes to commercial mowing, we walk the walk.

  • Classic Blower

    Classic Blower

    These Little Wonder walk-behind blowers feature a reverse-angled 7-blade all-steel impeller. That is matched with a aerodynamically constructed housing and curved air inlet which translates to maximum air flow. Adjustable, ergonomic handles with anti-vibration grip for operator comfort. Plus a new transport bracket for convenient tie-down. Durability, comfort, and unmatched blowing performance all in a lighter package. You’ll get the job done faster with...