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  • Hydroponics Farming and Aquaponics Course

    Hydroponics Farming and Aquaponics Course

    1. To provide detailed information on the concept of soilless culture and its application in Hydroponics Farming Technology Organic Farming Technology Aquaponics Farming Technology Auto Pot Farming Technology Plant Factory Technology 2. To provide detailed knowledge on hydroponics 3. To provide detailed knowledge on organics 4. To provide detailed knowledge on aquaponics 5. To provide detailed knowledge on greenhouse technology 6. To provide...

  • Stingless Bees Farming Course

    Stingless Bees Farming Course

    What do know about honey farming with stingless bee? Stingless Bees Farming is a modern farming method for honey, pollen and propolis. Course will cover all aspect of stingless bee farming from startup, location selection, cultivating, maintenance, bee care, harvesting and farm management.

  • Organic, Compost, Vermiculture Farming

    Organic, Compost, Vermiculture Farming

    Ever wondered what is the difference between hydroponics versus organic farming? Organic farming is a technique which appeal for organic lovers. It involves more than not choosing to use pesticides, in organic fertilizers, GMO, antibiotics, and growth hormones. It requires proper setting up, dedication, farm management experience, maintenance, & knowledge.

  • Ginger farming Workshop

    Ginger farming Workshop

    Suitable for Ginger growers interested in a ginger plantation business using drip irrigation technique.