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  • TerViva - Turnkey Platform for Landowners

    TerViva - Turnkey Platform for Landowners

    We have a turnkey platform for landowners – from tree varieties to markets.  Pongamia is genetically diverse; some trees do not yield well.  With exclusive partners, we have carefully selected and tested varieties of pongamia for their ability to yield well.   We have filed patents on these varieties, and we continue to improve them via non-GMO methods.  We also have built proprietary relationships with market leaders in...

  • TerViva - Trees

    TerViva - Trees

    After years of development, TerViva launched its first crop in 2011: a leguminous tree called pongamia pinnata ('pongamia'). Native to India and Australia, pongamia is a long-living tree that produces an annual harvest of seeds that are similar to soybeans. These trees require less water and fertilizer than other crops, such as soy or palm, and sequester carbon.