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  • Stringing Equipment

  • Winches


    Hydraulic winches are mechanical devices used to pull in (wind up) or let out (wind out) or otherwise adjust the tension of a rope or wire rope. Hydraulic winches are machines designed for stringing low and medium voltage lines, for recovering overhead lines and for assembly and lifting operations. Hydraulic winches are available in different models developed depending on the type of application: Hydraulic winches,Single-drum hydraulic winches....

  • Tensioners


    Hydraulic Tensioners are designed to hold tension against a pulling rope or conductor during the tension stringing operations. Tesmec is world leader in designing, manufacturing and supplying hydraulic tensioners for stringing operations, ideal to allow operations to be carried out with the highest accuracy, speed and safety. The bull-wheel grooves are made up of high resistance interchangeable nylon sectors; most of Tesmec hydraulic tensioners are...

  • Puller-Tensioners


    Tesmec Group offers high quality hydraulic Puller - Tensioners, that can be used either as a puller or as a tensioner in tension stringing operations. According to different models, it is possible to string from one to four ropes or bundled conductors at the same time. The bull-wheel grooves consist of high resistance interchangeable nylon sectors or of wear-proof heat and chemically treated steel. Most of Tesmec hydraulic puller - tensioners are...