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  • Feeding Systems

  • Liquid Feeding System

    Liquid Feeding System

    Liquid feeding is a general term for mixing and distributing livestock-friendly feed in liquid form. This kind of feeding has preferentially prevailed in pig fattening farms. Meal, vegetable products like crushed turnips, corn – corn cob mix or crude fibers are normally used for this type of feeding. Water or other nutrient liquids, like whey, are used as mixing liquids. Thanks to this feeding system, the animals are supplied with energy and the...

  • Dry Feeding Systems

    Dry Feeding Systems

    As a market leader in this field, TEWE Elektronic develops, produces and assembles systems for a wide range of applications in the agricultural sector, such as feeding, mixing, dosing and conveying systems.The dry feeding technology plays an important role in modern livestock husbandry.In this area TEWE Elektronic is one of the market leaders in development, manufacturing and mounting of equipment for miscellaneous applications such as feeding,...

  • Feeding System for Sows

    Feeding System for Sows

    Sow herds become bigger and bigger. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for the simple supply of the animals in every phase of production.

  • Feeding System for Piglets

    Feeding System for Piglets

    Apart from dry feeding, liquid feeding for piglets has established more and more over the past few years.

  • Weighing Technology

  • Model TEWE - Animal Scales

    Model TEWE - Animal Scales

    Slim design, sizes:L 185 x W 60(40) x H 126 cm.Completely made of aluminium,weight: approx. 50 kg.Can be supplied with closed or open side walls.The front door can be operated from the back side.2 solid rubber wheels and handles for easy transport

  • Model TEWE - Modular Animal Scales

    Model TEWE - Modular Animal Scales

    Thanks to modular animal scales, the weighing system can be adjusted to the requested size and equipment. The principle is based on 4 corner posts with integrated load suspension device where the weighing elements are fixed as well. These scales can be supplied either in calibratable or non-calibratable execution. Standard sizes can be seen in the underneath table. Please contact us, if you need other side lengths up to 5 meter in length or further...

  • Control Systems

  • Switch Cabinet for Liquid Feeding

    Switch Cabinet for Liquid Feeding

    This switch cabinet was created to mix liquid feed for a pig fattening farm of 4000 animals. All processes run fully automatically in combination with our TEWESTAR process computer. For safety reasons, all aggregates can be switched manually as well.