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  • Axone - Model 4 - Display

    Axone - Model 4 - Display

    AXONE 4 is unrivalled on the market in terms of performance, technology and construction quality. It’s able to operate in any environment and in any conditions, both inside and outside the workshop. It is incredibly sturdy, being able to withstand knocks, falls, mud, dust and liquids, and is compliant with military standard MIL STD 810F. AXONE 4 communicates with all TEXA diagnostic interfaces via Bluetooth, while the Internet connection allows...

  • Axone - Model S - Display

    Axone - Model S - Display

    NEW AXONE S technicians are no longer alone in needing a multi-brand diagnostic tool to dialogue with electronic control units. Diagnostic tools are rapidly becoming indispensable to technicians working in specific areas of vehicle maintenance, such as tyre fitters, fast-fit service stations. Until today, no diagnostic tool really fulfilled the needs of vehicle specialists of this kind. If they wanted one, they had to buy a costly and sophisticated...

  • Axone - Model S TPS - Display

    Axone - Model S TPS - Display

    The AXONE S TPS is the utility for the modern tyre fitter, who needs a tool capable of performing operations connected with the TPMS system (which becomes obligatory from November 2014), including the programming of valve sensors and control units.

  • Model Multi Pegaso - Display

    Model Multi Pegaso - Display

    Repairing latest-generation vehicles requires the right sort of equipment, built around innovative technological solutions that can be continuously updated to cope with the rapid changes and constant progress of the automotive sector. MULTIPEGASO is the most complete and reliable solution on the market today, and combines exhaust gas analysis and advanced diagnostic resources in the one unit. This complete workstation comes complete with a...