The Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC)

The Agricultural Institute of Canada (AIC) represents individuals and organizations involved in Canadian Agriculture, food, environment and health, providing them opportunities for involvement in AIC activities, connection to a broad network of credible members and a voice for their views on food sufficiency, environment and food safety

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9 Corvus Court, Suite 900 , Ottawa , ON K2E 7Z4 Canada

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Professional association
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Internationally (various countries)
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Canadian agriculture is a global leader in stewardship of our land through science.


AIC will broaden society's knowledge and use of science and agriculture.


Information, Synthesis and Analysis
Scientific journals; newsletter; research reports; review of university and college programs; government policy insight.

Networking and Learning Opportunities
On-line collaboration; workshops; conferences.

Contributing to government policy discussions; international development assistance.

A Unifying Voice
Facilitating a stronger and inter-disciplinary voice for professionals and their businesses, universities and associations to increase capacity for science and professional development pertaining to contemporary agriculture.


On June 2, 1920, the Canadian Society of Technical Agriculturists was formally launched. The idea of an organization dedicated to the professional aspects of Canadian agriculture caught on and branches quickly formed across the country.

By 1944 the Canadian Society of Technical Agriculturists had evolved into the Agricultural Institute of Canada. Over time, nine provincial institutes of agrologists came on board to administer the formation, recognition and control of professional groups under provincial jurisdiction.

In 1995, following almost a decade of discussion and debate, members of the Agricultural Institute of Canada voted to restructure the organization into a federation of Member Organizations.

For over eighty years, AIC responded to the needs of its members in serving the agricultural community, playing a central role as a source of credible information and comment for the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector. The Institute sought discussion rather than consensus based on the expertise and participation of more than 6000 individuals within the various Member Organizations.

In 2004 the AIC became a member-based organization once again.

AIC Membership categories include individual members as well as organizations, associations and corporate. The membership will determine views on issues as well as elect the national board.