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  • Brahea Armata

    Brahea Armata

    A slow growing palm, although quicker given summer irrigation, the Mexican Blue Palm eventually forms a fat 45cm thick trunk topped by stiff, powder blue fan leaves, the central point of which points downward. Brahea armata is a wonderfully bright accent plant for the arid garden making a perfect companion for hardy succulent plants such as yucca, dasylirion and nolina. It also makes a wonderful palm for a hot conservatory as it is able to tolerate a...

  • Phyllostachys Aurea

    Phyllostachys Aurea

    Although technically a running bamboo, in UK conditions Golden bamboo is one of the better behaved Phyllostachys species and, in many ways, could be considered as an ideal garden bamboo. It grows straight, almost completely upright culms and is quite tolerant of wind - making it an ideal plant for hedges as well as a solitary specimen. A strongly ornamental feature of the culms themselves is the attractive clustering of the rings (nodes) that give...

  • Pleioblastus fortunei Variegata

    Pleioblastus fortunei Variegata

    One of the earliest bamboos to reach England, nearly 150yrs ago, Pleioblastus fortunei remains one of the very best to grow in semi-shade. The bright, creamy-white variegation is perfect for illuminating dark areas whilst the sedately meandering roots allow this plant to always complement its neighbours, never swamp them. Best when it gets sufficient light to bring out the colour and sufficient moisture to prevent leaf scorch. Another tip is if old...

  • Mahonia x media `Charity`

    Mahonia x media `Charity`

    It is hard to imagine a shrub with more to offer the garden. Mahonia x media 'Charity' is a selected cultivar of the hybrid between Mahonia japonica and Mahonia lomariifolia, arguably combining the best attributes of both. It is an architectural, evergreen shrub with glossy, leathery, bipinnate leaves held in ruffs at the branch tips. Throughout winter it produces long sprays of yellow 'lily of the valley' type flowers that are slightly fragrant. It...

  • Phyllostachys aureosulcata Aureocaulis

    Phyllostachys aureosulcata Aureocaulis

    Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Aureocaulis' is arguably the most adaptable and impressive of all golden-caned bamboos. It retains the robust nature and features of the species, with its wind-tolerance, exceptional hardiness, zig-zag lower growth pattern, beautifully striped emerging culm sheaths etc. But adds into the mix bright golden culms that, when positioned in good sunlight, are tinged with crimson-red. Without doubt this is one of the finest...