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  • Spreader - Seed Graders

    Spreader - Seed Graders

    If you would like to see improvement in plant spacing in your yield trail plots, the most important first step is to utilize a precision seed grader to eliminate the 'overs' and 'fines' from your seed. Overs typically have a low germination - 70% or less in some tests - and the fines that are BCFM of course have no vitality. The seed graders produced by The Spreader have been in use for eight years providing successful breeding programs and the...

  • Spreader - Devitalizers for Combines

    Spreader - Devitalizers for Combines

    Devitalizing regulated seed is a government requirement. The question is how best to conform with this government requirement without disrupting your harvest operations. The Spreader has the answer to this question. They have been retrofitting single plot harvesters for the past four years and have a track record of many successful 'Grinder on Gleaner' conversions. This design modifies an industrial hammer mill to be mounted on and driven from the...

  • Spreader - Bin Buster

    Spreader - Bin Buster

    4 Foot Handle. One Tool Opens All your Bins. Straight, Even Pull on Well Pipe. Installs on Full or Empty Bins.

  • Spreader - Yard Master

    Spreader - Yard Master

    Smooth your yard by moving just enough dirt to level out the high spots. Revitalizes lawn with a vigorous dethatching. Fertilize before using the Yard Master, and work in the fertilizer instead of laying it on top. Will break up horse droppings in pasture. Breaks up dirt to reseed thin spots without tearing out established grass. Use a light tillage for seedbed preparation. 42' and 60' models available. Can be pulled with a garden tractor or ATV....

  • Spreader - Corn Plot Dryers

    Spreader - Corn Plot Dryers

    Don't trust your valuable seed to a drying system with a history of problems. The dryer plenums and boxes built by The Spreader are especially designed to mate with the uniquely configured GSI fan and burner combination to provide unequaled precision temperature control, uniform and homogenous airflow (no temperature stratification) to all areas of the drying boxes and indefinitely variable airflow control from full off to full open. The configuration...