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  • Bankout

  • Thomas - Nut Bankout

    Thomas - Nut Bankout

    Provides maximum capacity yet has a low profile. Allows quick, gentle product delivery with no spillage or damage.

  • Carts

  • Thomas - Pre-Cleaner Cart

    Thomas - Pre-Cleaner Cart

    Pre-Cleaner Cart is towed behind a harvester to de-stick your crop and leave it in a uniform windrow

  • Thomas - Conveyor Cart

    Thomas - Conveyor Cart

    Maximum Volume Transfer Throat. Dual Chain Delivery. Dual Load Leveling Augers. Product Protection Hoods. Air Cab Filtered and Pressurized Immediate Responce 'Touch' Pedal.

  • Floats

  • Thomas - Orchard Float

    Thomas - Orchard Float

    Will amaze the most experienced grower with its ability to smooth and level the ground in most any orchard.

  • Elevators

  • Thomas - Nut Bank-Out Elevator

    Thomas - Nut Bank-Out Elevator

    Adjustable Directional Flow Hood. Swing Arm Control Access from the Bank-out, Big Z-top belt. Quality, name-brand components.

  • Thomas - Dual Spout Elevator

    Thomas - Dual Spout Elevator

    The processor delight!, built for walnuts and almonds. Features high capacity loading ability that gets your boxes loaded quickly. 5' Low Profile Drive Over. 24' Z Top Belt. Manually Operated Splash Flaps. Balanced for Easy Handling.