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  • Bigham - Strip Till

    Bigham - Strip Till

    Prepare a tilled zone and leave valuable residue around it for protection of your tender young crop. Disturb less soil and residue for conservation of water, soil, and organic material, and eliminate wasteful multiple tillage and chemical application passes.

  • Bigham - Model 888 Series - Culti-Lister

    Bigham - Model 888 Series - Culti-Lister

    The Model 888 Culti-Lister gives you consistent beds across the field. With a parallel-link gang that conforms to your field like your planter units, you’ll get identical beds from one pass to the next. A vibrant mix of attachments and ground-engaging tools fit this machine to your farming practices. Plus, a few simple changes turns this machine into a high-speed cultivator or irrigation water furrow maintainer for different times of the year.

  • Woods Batwing - Model BW12 Series - Rotary Cutters

    Woods Batwing - Model BW12 Series - Rotary Cutters

    The Original Batwing® in a New 12-foot width, designed specifically for compact tractors. 12-foot Dual-wing cutter for compact/utility tractors. Main driveline: Cat 4. Tractor PTO HP: 35 hp minimum. Cuts brush up to 1.5-inches in diameter. Side frame depth of 11-inches. Lighter tongue weight ideal for use on lower horsepower compact and utility tractors. Fully baffled deck for even distribution and a finer shred.Standard integrated chain...

  • John Deere - Model 9620R Series - Four-Wheel-Drive Tractors

    John Deere - Model 9620R Series - Four-Wheel-Drive Tractors

    Why walk when you can run? The New 9R Series Tractors are built to defy convention. With more engine horsepower (370 - 620 engine hp) and efficient FT4 engine technology, these machines welcome a good challenge. We’ve also added the new HydraCushion™ Suspension system on select models to help mitigate powerhop and road lope. Just when you think there isn’t any room for more, we outfitted the 9R’s with the new CommandView™...