Bulgaria’s first commercial tilapia fish farm at the Tilapia Fish Company! We`re proud to be setting the standards for aquaculture. Our tilapia fish is farmed to the highest environmental standards and fed on 100% sustainable GM-free feed. The tilapia is fed on the best sustainable feed. The feed contains only low levels of approved fishmeal. The tilapias are not hormone treated and are reared in new, bespoke closed recirculation. Systems here in Bulgaria which help`s prevent disease and the need for antibiotics. Because of the use of sustainable feed and the production methods, The tilapia fish Company’s systems are Net Fish protein producers.The tilapia fish Company is committed to the very highest standards of animal welfare and follows agreed EU protocols. Compared to imported tilapia fish from the rest of the world, fresh Bulgarian tilapia travels far fewer food Kilometres, has a much lower carbon footprint and takes only a fraction of the time from harvest to the customer table.

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Agriculture - Fisheries
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Nationally (across the country)
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