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Todd Struckell proudly presents the fantastic Bull-Mixa self-loading mixer that can be quickly and easily attached to all front end loaders, tractors, excavators, backhoes, bobcats or any 3-point linkage with hydraulic remotes... and takes over where the old hand-mixer cannot cope. Value adding Tolga Machinery`s service to the North, Todd also has on hand the world famous Condor range of self loading mixers offering all discerning users a choice of mixers and the equally exciting Ausa range of quality machinery. Then check out the range.

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PO Box 950 , Tolga , Queensland 4882 Australia

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Providing quality products with a reliable service from their conveniently located position in the North Queensland community for well over 20 years

Tolga machinery is the brain child of local identity Todd Struckell. This progressive company has evolved into the Northern market from the original Three Rivers Trading Company which has always maintained the business principle of providing quality products that are needed, that are functional are readily available and always affordable.

1999 was the year that the Bull Mixer, the North's first self loading mixer was made available after recognizing the need of many rural contractors who needed a handy time saving alternative to conventional mixers that were currently available.

The Bull mixer, with its revolutionary patented design became quickly recognized within the rural and construction industries and it wasn‘t long before it collected some major awards at various Field Day Events around the country during 2001.

Tolga Machinery continues to move into the 21 st Century with the Italian inspired range of Condor self loading mixers along with the introduction of the equally exciting Ausa Lifting Equipment and Machinery dealership. These two inclusion will be a valuable aid for all rural, industrial, manufacturing and building industries. Now all North Queensland businesses have available a choice of these world famous self loading mixers and lifting products. 

Tolga Machinery's Todd Struckell has a strong background in rural Australia, a land where 'necessity is the mother of many inventions and is the inspiration to get a multitude of jobs done. This truism is reflected admirably in all of Tolga Machinery's products and services.