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  • Grain Handling & Storage Equipment

    Grain Handling & Storage Equipment

    We are your source for grain handling and storage equipment from Brock, Honeyville and others.  We design, construct and service all of your grain handling & storage equipment requirements.

  • Grain Drying & Conditioning Equipment

    Grain Drying & Conditioning Equipment

    Let us supply you with innovative solutions for grain drying & conditioning machines and related equipment from Brock and Shivvers Manufacturing. We can design, construct and service all of your equipment!

  • Chore-Time - Poultry Production Equipment

    Chore-Time - Poultry Production Equipment

    We are Michigan's exclusive Chore-Time poultry production equipment distributor. We also offer various other types of livestock equipment to help meet your needs!. Poultry production equipment. Chore-Time Hog Production Equipment distributor. Brock feed bins. Feed delivery equipment. Various other types of livestock equipment.

  • Beer Brewing Equipment

    Beer Brewing Equipment

    We offer dry grain material handling equipment and installation for the commercial craft beer industry. Bulk grain silos (Schuld/Bushnell smooth wall silos, Brock corrugated silos). Chore-Time cordless augers & custom rigid augers. Flow scales. Load cells & scale heads. Custom fabricated hoppers. Grist mills.