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  • Tor-Master - Trash Cutter

    Tor-Master - Trash Cutter

    The Tor-Master Trash Cutter is designed for less tillage, especially in corn stalks.  One pass will cut the stalks and root system into small particles of straw. Enough residue will be left with no soil erosion, but will have a good seed bed for any crop.

  • Tor-Master - Medium Super 7 Harrow

    Tor-Master - Medium Super 7 Harrow

    Coverage is 60% more than any harrow on the market and with rising fuel costs the Super 7 Harrow will save you time and money!. Automatic transport system. Spring loaded safety locking device. Safety lights. 10,000 lb jack on hitch for mounting chemical kits. 2-heavy 32' hydraulic cylinders. 10' center beams.

  • Air Seeder

    Air Seeder

    For your toughest seeding demands choose the Tor-Master Air Seeder.

  • Tor-Master - Model 1150 - Grain Cart

    Tor-Master - Model 1150 - Grain Cart

    The Tor-Master Grain Cart is available in 2 different sizes. The 800 bushel comes with 30.5” x 32” tires and a 16” auger. The 1150 is available with 5,000 or 9,000 square inch tracks (also available in tires). The 1150 is equipped with a 20 inch auger which will unload in approximately 90 - 100 seconds. Standard features include roll up tarp and hydraulic spout control for both units.

  • Heavy Harrow

    Heavy Harrow

    The TOR-MASTER Heavy Harrow is designed for durability. The front section bars can be set individually for heavy straw conditions and for uniform working conditions.  The front rows can be set at an angle so they do not get all the wear and tear. The TOR-MASTER Heavy Harrow has a down pressure system designed to take the pressure off the pulling point.  Designed with extension spring to pull pressure down and forward and can be adjusted to...

  • Liquid Fertilizer Caddy

    Liquid Fertilizer Caddy

    The Tor-Master Liquid Fertilizer Caddy is designed for minimal compaction with track under carriage.

  • Tor-Master - Model NH3 - Applicator

    Tor-Master - Model NH3 - Applicator

    Tor-Master NH3 Applicators are designed rugged for tough fall work and good floatation for wet spring conditions  Main frame structure designed with 4 x 6 x 3/8 structural tubing.  Sizes range from 33'9' - 58'9' in 2 1/2' increments.  Has a sliding trailer hitch.  Comes with synchronized hydraulics to the tractor.  Tires are 16.5' x 16.1'.  Comes with a straight shank mount, but we offer an optional spring trip shank...