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  • Sampling from Static Bluk Loads

  • Model Heron 3000 - Standard and Gyroscopique

    Model Heron 3000 - Standard and Gyroscopique

    Heron 3000 is the latest design in the long line of our Heron grain samplers. In terms of technology, it pertains to an entirely new generation, and though it has kept the elegant design of its predecessors, it offers a great amount of smart technological solutions and new electronic functions.


  • Moustick


    MOUSTICK is an automatic grain sampler designed to sample from material flows, such as grain flowing through any type of pipeline, hopper, chute, etc..., where it will pick a defined quantity of sample material from the grain travelling through the line. It can be easily attached to any rounded surface (grain pipes, conducts) or flat surface (face plate at the top or bottom of a grain elevator, hopper beneath a weighbridge, a dryer or a cleaner,...